I met Richard E. Grant today in London at Liberty’s, where he was promoting his new ‘Jack ‘perfume (which is gorgeous, btw) and meeting fans. He was incredibly lovely. I asked him to sign my copy of ‘The Wah- Wah Diaries’ with some words of inspiration for a fellow writer. He wrote: 

Dear Rachel, Never give up, no matter how many put down you get. All the best, Richard E. Grant.’ 

He is a true gent. Gracious, sweet and a real inspiration. 

his jacket omg


My fellow McGannians, has ANYONE in the US found the May issue of Doctor Who mag with Paul on it? We’ve been to 6 different shops and they still only have March’s issue.

North America is always a couple months behind. You will have to wait. 

I just watched Empire of the Sun with the impression that Mr McGann had a notable, if not starring, role (this presumption due to his name being credited to the film so often as one of the roles he was most famous for). The whole film I had the mindset of: "Oh, well he'll be in the NEXT scene then." It was a wonderful film without doubt, but why is he so 'famed' for a role that I missed because I blinked? Damn editors.

Paul has spoken about his roles in Empire of the Sun, and similarly for Alien 3, in various interviews. To paraphrase what he says in Big Finish Talks Back (I think?), these big Hollywood productions tend to cast and film for multiple story lines or endings. What makes it into the theatrical version is what gets the best feedback from their showings to focus groups of their target audience. Paul’s character was supposed to be in a large part of the film, but was largely cut out for market reasons. Paul mentioned receiving a call from Spielberg himself to inform him that his parts didn’t make the final version. Spielberg even asked if he wanted his name to be removed from the cast list. For another example, with Alien 3, high school kids weren’t interested in Golic’s storyline, so a lot of his parts got cut from the final theatrical version. If you watch the Director’s cut of the film, Golic gets more screen time and we find out more about his character.

As to why his name is often credited to the film, I can only assume that it’s because there are well-known names attached to it. 


One of the best scenes in Give Us A Break and all of tv really.


-So Mr. Bush, I trust you weren’t up all night getting the ship ready?
-Not all night, sir, no.
-Anything to report?
-No sir, nothing. I trust you weren’t up all night either, sir?
-…No Mr. Bush, I slept exceptionally well thank you. You will take her out, if you please. Plot a course for Brest.
-Aye,Aye, sir.

In which subtlety is not a strong suit on the Hotspur

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  1. I just got hired by Mobify as my first long-term career job right out of school
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  3. I like spicy food and healthy eating.
  4. I love sushi
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  9. asd;fkjasd;fkjas;dfkjsdfasd
  10. I’m currently drinking tea
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My history teacher looks like Paul in Always Crashing In the Same Car. (can i abbreviate that?)


and i dunno if that’s a good or bad thing XD

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REG fans, need you help please.
Does anyone know where can I find this things relating to mr. Grant:
- “To Be Or Not To Be” clip
- “Codename: Kyril” film
- “Killing Dad” film
- “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” show (with Richard’s appearance of course)

Can’t find them, need any assistance please.
Thousands thanks for repost.


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