And here it is!!

Mumblingsage was brave enough to get up and get in line to ask Paul McGann a question this past weekend at the 1996 reunion panel at Gallifrey One. Little did i know how awesome his response would be!

Warning: Paul McGann’s voice being amazing and also singing.

Also, I’m sorry for the bad video quality, but my camera isn’t great with the resolution on motion picture mode. But if you close your eyes and just listen, that should be enough.



<3 <3 <3

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    Ohhhhhh…. Doesn’t he just have the sweetest speaking voice ever? Then the singing.
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    RE-reblogging for AWESOMENESS. THANK YOU ~ my-hearts-require-tea , mumblingsage , and Terry...
  6. mcgannlibrary said: You both are PAULTASTIC for doing this!! ;) It’s a bit of video perfection, really…quintessential *Paul* response…love it! :D xo
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    So glad I got to see (and hear) this in person.
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    This is utterly fantastic. And trust Eight to say “I can’t remember!”
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    Aaaaaaaaaaa why wasnt I there oh god this is what perfect is
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    I don’t remember hugging any Daleks
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    "I can’t remember"
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    When he said “I can’t remember,” my brain immediately screamed “EEEIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!”
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    There go my pants.
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    Hey, I did not go to this panel, now I wish I had.
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