Isaac Parkin: Hey, show no fear! Just run at it!
Marwood: Well, that can’t be sensible, can it, the bastard’s about to run at me!
Isaac Parkin: Well, it’s randy!
Marwood: Yes, yeah, I know he is!
Withnail: [casually lighting a cigarette] He wants to get down there and have sex with those cows.
Marwood: Shut up, Withnail!
[the Creeper is scraping the ground with its front hoof, snorting]
Isaac Parkin: Run at it, shouting!
Withnail: Do as he says. Start shouting. He won’t gore you.
Marwood: A coward you are, Withnail, an expert on Creepers you are not! AAAAARGGGHHHH!

There is nothing scarier than a randy Creeper Eight.

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