Paul McGann in Withnail and I is the most attractive human being I have ever seen over the course of my entire life, and that is not any sort of exaggeration. Sure, I paid attention to the movie and laughed at the funny bits (I had to, Greg Proops was sitting immediately to my left) but I actually tipped over like an empty bottle at one point and had my head on the arm of the couch because I was dead.  Put the nails in my coffin, boys, dead.  If I could only draw one person for the rest of my life, if I could only look at one other human being until I had to lay down dead in the ground, it would be this man in this movie. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect nose, perfect every body part and perfect posture holding it all upright.  His hands deserve a temple unto themselves.

I’ll never have to struggle to explain my type to anyone ever again. Open dictionary, look up “Amanda’s Type,” find a dozen pictures of cherub-haired McGann with round spectacles and a leather jacket reading the newspaper. Granted, the number of people who will immediately understand ”The ‘and I’ in Withnail and I” is still pretty limited, and come to think of not many people (besides my oft-burdened Lily) are savvy to my “men reading newspapers while I make them crêpes” obsession, but hey, progress is progress.

Just to put things in perspective, young Paul McGann with that hair is PRECISELY, EXACTLY, I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU, THIS IS SERIOUS TIME RIGHT NOW, he is a carbon copy of the blisteringly attractive Bed Head guy that I was too chicken to make a pass at when I had the chance. pHYSUACALDKA PAINOHHGGODJFDOFD


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    they went on holiday by mistake
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    Withnail and I is the best movie ever (even better when you picture it as two Doctors on the worse weekend trip ever...
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